Changing how you store & manage contacts on your phone.

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Clique App

A simplified way to share and connect with people. Manage and grow your contacts through this user-friendly platform with up-to-the-minute cloud synced personal and professional contact information.

Find, Share & Connect

Clique App
Clique App
  • Share Your Card

    Search for contacts and send your business and personal contact information with a click of a button.

  • Enable Your Location

    Turn on your location beacon to quickly find, and be found by, other Clique users at events, meetings, or conferences.

  • Favorites

    Keep track of people you contact frequently.

Organize your contacts into your own groups.

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Clique App
Clique App
Clique App
  • Create Groups

    "How do I know that person?" Organizing your contacts into groups ensures you never ask that question again.

  • Multiple Groups

    People wear multiple hats. Contacts can be organized into multiple groups to account for that.

Your Card

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Clique App

Make it Your Own.

Give your Clique profile a personal touch. Tell people about yourself with a customizable background color, personal avatar, and brief bio.

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  • Orange
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Green
  • Black

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